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oh hey tumblr! i’m back. i used to post all the time i should probably start again i think it helped me feel better. at least a little.

so here it goes. first of all. ashley are you SERIOUS!? you come to my birthday all wounded and crabby.. MY fucking birthday. and you’re crabby? and make me overcompensate for your crabbiness? bitch. and then you invite HARRY and make out with him. when it’s my birthday. are you kidding me. who was that one person who went to your graduation party all by herself and basically sat alone and talked to your little brothers the whole night? oh yeah i think that was ME. and who went on a date w harry and you and played awkward third wheel all night. fucking ME. the second it isn’t about you you immediately get mad it’s such bullshit. you’re even mad that i can’t come on your birthday because i’m WORKING and i’m still in school and have an exam the next day. oh i’m SORRY. not. you were already mad at me because i didn’t make my birthday all about you and talked to other people that weren’t you. fucking grow the fuck up. 

and jennifer. first she opens a package addressed TO ME. and then tells me about it six hours later by saying i accidentally opened your package it’s on the table. how do you accidentally open my package? your name is jennifer. my name is karlee. and then she gets done with work at five and decides to do three loads of laundry starting at 10 pm. when the machines are directly next to my room. so i tell her to stop doing laundry cause i’m going to bed. and she gets all snotty and goes fine. fine to fucking you! first of all, how do you even HAVE three loads of laundry? you own like one pair of jeans and three t shirts. what the fuck are you washing all the time that needs to have three loads? 

i swear to god i hate everyone. everyone needs to grow up and quit being so immature and selfish and rude. 


Okay guys. I need your help!

My best friend and I want to take a vacation after we graduate (so in May). We’d like to go to Mexico or the Bahamas or somewhere on the beach not in the US.
We want all inclusive. I mean all. Like hotel, food, drinks, possibly the spa and such too?

Does anyone have any good deals or ideas?


I’m back on Tumblr and excited that this is one of the first things i see. HELLZ yes

you might as well do what you want because people are gonna criticize you either way.

first of all. HELL YES. i feel like i’m getting a double chin and first of all, i think 82 percent of my body issues stem from some sort of dysmorphic part of my mind. i think things are way worst than they actually are. i am a grown ass woman with a curvy body. and until im ready to take the step forward and start working out more and eating healthier than i am going to have to accept that or no one else will. can i get an amen?

second of all. i was vacuuming as i tend to do because i am a neat freak and i like vacuuming and taking the trash out when it gets full and not having about ten hundred pounds of recycling just laying around. anyways. i was doing it.. and i accidentally vacuumed up my roommates bracelet. it was just one of those rubber ones it said love on it or something.. but im not sure how important it was to her. but if it was important to her.. why was it laying on the ground? and also millie was kind of biting at it so i think i’m just going to blame it on her. but just for funsies lets take a look back on all the damage i have done on my roommates things, and no i don’t think this is funny i actually feel quite horrible:

1. a cat shattered a wine glass of hers

2. i shattered a glass bowl

3. i melted two different cooking utensils because i used them in the wrong ways

4. now this god damn bracelet. 

i just feel like that’s a lot. maybe it’s not.

oh and i ALMOST broke her blender. close call on that one. 

so i bought flea treatment for millie. i got it at walmart it was called hartz ultra guard. so i thought it was legit and put it on both cats backs and shut my bedroom door while i vacuumed the living room. then i let them out and millie started salivating and now i feel like shes just acting weird. meanwhile i’m reading stories on the internet about how SO many pets have died because of this and so many others have gotten sick. some have gotten seizures. but salivating was one of the symptoms. i am FREAKING OUT. i feel like i’m just in sheer panic. i’m supposed to hang out w a friend and i want to go but i’m afraid i’m gonna come home to a dead cat. i literally shut my bedroom door so i don’t have to deal with it because if i go out there all i’m gonna do is stare at her and wait to see if she drops dead. that’s not healthy. ugh fuck. i swear to god. and if she DOES start having symptoms like seizures and vomiting and whatever else.. i can’t afford vet bills. i dont even know if the vets open! it probably isn’t. i just want my mom to come pick her up so i don’t have to deal with it. i don’t like this at all. please just be ok. please. dont use that bullshit on your pets.